Salario José Mourinho

  • Entrenador de fútbol
  • Nacido en: 1963 Portugal
  • Anual: $26.989.382.285
  • Mensual: $
  • Semanal: $519.026.582
  • Diario: $103.805.316
José Mourinho

Earnings overview 31 million euro as former ManU boss
Independent Dec. 2018: Reports have suggested the former Chelsea and United boss could be handed a remuneration package worth between £15m and £22.5m
Francefootball March 2017: 28 million Euro
Dailymail May 22th: Mourinho received £4m payout and is set to earn £75m over next five years, which is £15 M annually.
Francefootball April 2016: Mourinho was sacked by Chelsea, in the meantime he still receives salary from Chelsea and has endorsements with Adidas, Hublot and Alibaba.
Francefootball March 2015: Euro 18 million
Francefootball March 2014: 17 M euro
Francefootball March 2013: 14 million euro
Francefootball March 2012: 14.8 million euro
FranceFootball March 2011: highest earning caoch with 13.5 million euro., May 2010: "According to reports, he will sign a 40 million pound four-year deal, the highest salary ever paid to a football manager."


Update: 2019-6


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