Nigel de Jong

  • Futbolista Galatasaray
  • Nacido en: 1984 Países Bajos
  • Casado
  • Hijos: 2
  • Annual: ₡1 638 206 122,00
  • Mensual: ₡136 517 176,83
  • Semanal: ₡31 503 963,88
  • Diario: ₡6 300 792,78
Nigel de Jong

LA Times Aug 2016: Turkish super club Galatasaray has signed Nigel de Jong to a two-year deal, De Jong, who signed as a free transfer, will receive $2.79 million a season LA Times 2016 Feb: De Jong, a two-time World Cup starter who once commanded a $26-million transfer fee, is joining the Galaxy for $500,000. De Jong, 31, began the year owed more than $7 million on a contract extension he signed last summer with AC Milan, where he had been benched by new Coach Sinisa Mihajlovic. That gave De Jong the leverage to negotiate a lucrative buyout, making him willing to accept a cut-rate deal with the Galaxy that included a promise of playing time. TsmPlug 2014: Euro 3 million Ad Sept. 2013: 3 million a year


Update: 2018-1