Salario Angela Merkel

  • Primer ministro - Alemania
  • Nacido en: Alemania 1954
  • Anual: Q3,038,941.00
  • Mensual: Q253,245.08
  • Semanal: Q58,441.17
  • Diario: Q11,688.23
Angela Merkel

Meikur.De Apr 2020: Damit kommt die Bundeskanzlerin auf einen monatlichen Gesamtverdienst von 28.500 Euro und somit auf fast 350.000 Euro Bruttojahresgehalt.
Meikur.De Aug 2019: The Federal Chancellor comes to a monthly total income of 28,500 euros and thus to nearly 350,000 euros gross annual salary.
Morgenpost Nov 2018: 342.000 Euro
Frankfurter Algemeine Aug 2017: 310.800 Euro July 2016: The pay rise, according to the Ministry of Interior is in two steps: first with retroactive effect from 1 March to 2.2 percent, from February 1, 2017 again to 2.35 percent. The "official wage" of Merkel thus climbs including "living allowance" in two steps from the current 17,992 euros to 18,820 euros per month, which converts to 220,656 euro currently to 225,840 euro starting Feb. 2017.


Update: 2020-4


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