Salario Carlos Tévez

  • Futbolista - Boca Juniors - Argentina
  • Nacido en: 1984 Argentina
  • Anual: L55,973,150.00
  • Mensual: L4,664,429.17
  • Semanal: L1,076,406.73
  • Diario: L215,281.35
Carlos Tévez

Sep 2019: Salary is still under negotiation. Tevez was offered at Boca the same conditions he had before leaving in December to China for the coming 2 years, that is according to 1/20st of his China salary, which comes down to 2 million euros.
Daily Mail Dec 2016: The Football Leaks portal revealed the alleged contract of footballer Carlos Tevez in Boca Juniors, which shows that he charges 80 thousand pesos of salary and 2,200,000 pesos per month in premiums. In addition, it transpired that to the "Apache" they pay 450 thousand pesos to him for vacations and that in concept of prizes can accumulate 10 million weights per year, reason why the forward could get to gain almost 40 million annual weights.
WorldSoccertalk June 2013: At Juventus, Tevez will be on wages of £90,000 per week.
Forbes June 2013: $18.2 million
Forbes April 2013: $16.6 million
ESPN April 2011: $19 million
France Football March 2011: 14.5 million euro
Forbes April 21, 2010: $10million


Update: 2019-9