Salario Brian Roberts

  • Consejeros Ejecutivos - Comcast
  • Nacido en: 1959 EE.UU.
  • Anual: C$1,096,358,659.00
  • Mensual: C$91,363,221.58
  • Semanal: C$21,083,820.37
  • Diario: C$4,216,764.07
Brian Roberts

Annual earnings:
UsaToday May 2019: $32.5 million
SF Gate Feb 2019: $32,520,224 million
Variety April 2016: $36.2 million
Bloomberg April 2014: Compensation $31.4 million
WSJ May 2012: Annual salary $2.28M, incentives $5.46M, total compensation including stock grants $19.85 million
Bloomberg April 2011: Roberts earned $2.8 million in base salary, $11.2 million in stock and option awards and $10.9 million in cash bonuses, Comcast said today in a regulatory filing. Comcast also requires Roberts use company aircraft for personal travel for security reasons, which added $195,767 to his compensation.


Update: 2019-5