Salario Tim Cook

  • Consejeros Ejecutivos - Apple
  • Nacido en: EE UU 1960
  • Anual: C$4,815,395,547.00
  • Mensual: C$401,282,962.25
  • Semanal: C$92,603,760.52
  • Diario: C$18,520,752.10
Tim Cook

Bloomberg May 2019: $141,657,076
Independent Jun 2017: $145 million
Fortune Jan. 2017: Compensation $8.7 million
Inquisiter Jan. 2016: Compensation $10.3 million
Bloomberg January 2015: Compensation $9.22 million last year, this includes salary $1.75 million and $6.7 million in non-equity incentive compensation. Cook was granted a pay package of $ 4.25 million in 2013.
Appleinsider April 2013: $4.3 million salary, $69.6 million in stock options
WSJ May 21 2012: Cook's base salary was $900,000, along with $900,000 more for his annual incentives, which add up to $1.80 million only. He scooped up as many as $376.18 million compensation, thanks to a grant of one million shares of restricted stock.
Bloomberg 10 January 2012: Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook will receive compensation for 2011 worth $378 million, boosted by restricted stock awards that are payable over the coming decade.
BizJournals August 2011: In the most recent fiscal year Cook's annual salary as COO was $800,000 and he got a bonus of $900,000. He was also given a special award of $5 million in cash and 75,000 shares of stock for "outstanding performance" as acting CEO when Jobs was out on medical leave in 2009. His total 2010 compensation was valued at about $59 million. As the new CEO he was give a million shares of the company stock that vest over the next 10 years worth an estimated $384 million. The company offered no explanation for the huge bonus and as yet has said nothing about what his pay will be.


Update: 2019-5