Salario Graham Norton

  • Personalidad de televisión
  • Nacido en: 1963 Ireland
  • Anual: C$25,558,699.00
  • Mensual: C$2,129,891.58
  • Semanal: C$491,513.44
  • Diario: C$98,302.69
Graham Norton

Earnings overview
BBC June 2019: salary between £600 and £609K
BBC July 2018: Graham Norton - £600,000-£609,999
Business Insider July 2017: it says the BBC pays him 850,000-899,999 GBP. However, his earnings through the Graham Norton Show, produced by his own production company, is not included in this wage.
Guardian April 2016: Graham Norton was paid more than £2.5m in fees and salary last year, for services including fronting BBC1’s The Graham Norton Show and BBC Radio 2 Saturday programme.
Irish Independent 2015-5: Euro 3 million
DailyMail August 2014: £2.6 million
Guardian May 2014: £2.3 million
Dailymail Jan.2014: £2.61 million July 16,2013: £4.5 million July 17 2012: more than £1.5 million
Guardian: 10 June 2009:"Estimates of top BBC presenters' pay: Graham Norton – £2.5m"


Update: 2019-7