Theresa May

  • Legislador - Reino Unido
  • Nacido en: 1956 Reino Unido
  • Casado
  • Hijos: 0
  • Anual: C$3,332,851.00
  • Mensual: C$277,737.58
  • Semanal: C$64,093.29
  • Diario: C$12,818.66
Theresa May

Independent Nov. 2018: A ‘Public Duties Cost Allowance’ exists “to assist former Prime Ministers with the costs of continuing to fulfil duties associated with their previous position in public life.” The allowance, worth £115,000, is technically available for a lifetime. Apr. 2018: £150,402 a year. Independent Dec. 2016: Salary £149,440 The combined ministerial and parliamentary salary of the Prime Minister is £143,462 at April 2016. This figure includes the parliamentary salary of £74,962.


Update: 2019-7