Nicolas Maduro
El presidente interino de Venezuela
Nacido en: 1962 Venezuela
  • Annual: PYG 275,740,587.00
  • Mensual: PYG 22,978,382.00
  • Semanal: PYG 5,302,704.00
  • Diario: PYG 755,454.00
Note: the salary that is mentioned is based on the statements below.
BBC mundo June 2017: monthly salary $4068
Notihoy.com Dec. 2016: salary of $6,188 per month, annual $74,256
ADNPolitico.com: July 25, 2012: Although the Venezuelan government does not release the salary received by the President, it is estimated that the President receives 24,570 bolivars a month ($24,570), which is 12x the minimum wage.
Noticias24 2010: Senior Officials including the President of Venezuela can earn up to a maximum of 12 times the minimum wage.
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Actualización: 2017-6
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