Joe Biden
Vice Presidente de los EE.UU.
Nacido en: 1942 EE UU
Hijos: 3
  • Annual: USD 248.670,00
  • Mensual: USD 20.723,00
  • Semanal: USD 4.782,00
  • Diario: USD 681,00
Time January 2017: Biden receives his retirement income based on his role as President of the Senate, assuming he has been covered under the Civil Service Retirement System for the past 43 years, Biden's pension could be around $248,670 per year. April 2014: Adjusted gross income for the Bidens in 2013 was $407,009, $230,700 of that is the salary of Joe Biden as vice president.
Huffingtonpost December 28th, 2012: As of March 27, 2013, federal employees will see a half to one percent pay increase. Biden's pay will increase to $231,900.
Returns for 2011 released by the White House on April 2012 show the Bidens paid $87,900 in federal taxes on adjusted gross income of $379,035. Their income was $143 below their 2010 return, but their tax bill was $1,274 higher. In both cases, the effective tax rate was just over 23 percent. Most of the couple's income came from the vice president's salary of $225,521 and Mrs. Biden's wages of just over $82,000 for teaching at Northern Virginia Community College.
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