Barack and Michelle Obama

  • Él: 44º Presidente U.S./ Ella: 44 o la primera dama EE.UU.
  • Nacido en: El 1961, Ella 1964
  • Casado
  • Hijos: 2
  • Annual: $205,700.00
  • Mensual: $17,141.67
  • Semanal: $3,955.77
  • Diario: $791.15
Barack and Michelle Obama

Time January January 2017: "All ex-presidents get pensions, to the tune of $205,700 annually, and the amount increases regularly to keep up with inflation. Obama, along with ex-presidents Carter, both Bushes, and Clinton, will also receive federal money to cover expenses such as office space and staff. In 2015, for example, George W. Bush was allocated $1.1 million, while Jimmy Carter received a total of $430,000— [...]According to publishers and literary agents consulted by the New York Times, a book contract would be worth somewhere between $12 and $30 million for Obama. (A Michele Obama memoir could be worth $10 to $15 million, meanwhile.)" White House/Forbes April 2014: According to the 2013 tax return President Obama earned a salary as President of $394,796 and he earned $104,809. His adjusted gross income on his tax return was $481,098. WSJ April 15 2013: President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama paid $112,214 in federal income taxes for 2012 on adjusted gross income of $608,611, an effective rate of 18.4%, the White House said. The Obama family, in tax returns released April 13 2012 by the White House, reported an adjusted gross income of $789,674 for 2011, down from $1,728,096 in the previous year. The family income topped $5.5 million in 2009. The president earns a salary of $400,000 for his day job. His total earnings are much higher because of his books sales.


Update: 2018-1