Lena Headey

  • Actriz
  • Nacido en: 1973 Reino Unido
  • Divorciado
  • Hijos: 1
  • Annual: $15,747,508.00
  • Mensual: $1,312,292.33
  • Semanal: $302,836.69
  • Diario: $60,567.34
Lena Headey

Independent April 2017: Game of Thrones season 7's top five actors are reportedly being paid up to £2 million per episode, which would make them the highest-paid actors in television history - 2017 season contains 6 episodes, or £12 million a year. Deadline June 2016: The actors will make more than $500,000 per episode in season seven and the potential eighth season. With the usual 10 episodes per season, annual salary would be $5 Million, although speculation has been that both Season 7 and Season 8 would be shorter than the standard for the show 10 episodes. Mirror Oct. 2014: Games of Thrones biggest stars, amongst them Lena Headey, will be paid $300,000 an episode - or $2.1 million per serie, after negotiating new contracts for a seventh season. According to Deadline They negotiated $1 million per episode, or $7 million for the 10th and final season.


Update: 2017-6