Mario Balotelli (Super Mario)

  • Futbolista - Brescia Calcio Spa - Italia
  • Nacido en: 1990 Italia
  • Anual: L81,806,196.00
  • Mensual: L6,817,183.00
  • Semanal: L1,573,196.08
  • Diario: L314,639.22
Mario Balotelli (Super Mario)

Calcioefinanza Aug 2019: Mario will earn 3 million euros (plus bonus) salary 4.5 million euros Getfootballfrance Aug 2016: Salary Nice 4.5 million euro per year Guardian August 2015: It is understood that there is no loan fee and that Milan will pay half of his £80,000 a week wages, with Liverpool picking up the remainder. Guardian August 25, 2014: Balotelli will earn a basic salary of £80,000 per week with an extra £40,000 based on the clauses of the 3 year contract. Guardian Jan. 2013: 5 million euro 2012: 6.5 million euro


Update: 2019-8