Joko Widodo

  • Presidente - Indonesia
  • Nacido en: 1961 Indonesia
  • Anual: Q411,561.00
  • Mensual: Q34,296.75
  • Semanal: Q7,914.63
  • Diario: Q1,582.93
Joko Widodo

Nasinal Kompas 2018 - NewsDetik Jun 2017: To note, the income received by Jokowi as President of RI comes from the basic salary plus job allowance, Rp 30.240.000 + 32.500.000, amounting to Rp 62.740.030. While Vice President JK each month get Rp 42.160.000 of basic salary plus allowance, Rp 20.160.000 + 22.000.000. With the salary of the 6th President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as reference, Jokowi likely get paid $124.171 (equivalent to RP 1.48 billion) per year.


Update: 2019-8


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