Salario Emma Watson

  • Actor
  • Nacido en: 1990 Francia
  • Anual: $,00
  • Mensual: $ 772.512.948,25
  • Semanal: $ 178.272.218,83
  • Diario: $ 35.654.443,77
Emma Watson

The Times May 2019: Wealth 2019 £52m, rise from 2018: £2m

Jun 2019: 'Harry Potter' actress Emma Watson stars in the upcoming adaptation of the classic story 'Little Women.'Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to the book ‘Queen of the Terling’: Emma Watson decided to co-produce the film, as well as play the leading role.

FoxNews March 2017: Watson signed a deal that entitles her to a cut of the Beauty and the Beast's earnings - Watson could make a cool $15 million if the movie makes $750 million globally. It made $174.8 million in North America over the opening weekend and $180 million overseas, including $44.8 million in China, Disney said -- breaking multiple Hollywood records, including one set last year by “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” for the biggest March opening. So we think Watson will earn that $15 million.
Heath Rich list 2011: almost £ 24 million.
VanityFair Feb. 2010:"Estimated 2009 earnings: $30 million".
Daily Mail 060409:"Playing Hermione helped Watson net £2.8million, while Grint earned slightly less with £2.6million."


Update: 2019-12


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