Salario Christine Lagarde

  • Presidente - the European Central Bank
  • Nacido en: 1956 Francia
  • Anual: S/ 1,950,866.00
  • Mensual: S/ 162,572.17
  • Semanal: S/ 37,516.65
  • Diario: S/ 7,503.33
Christine Lagarde

CNN Jul 2019: Lagarde is chosen to succeed Mario Draghi as the president of the European Central Bank. Draghi's eight-year term ends in October 2019. She announces via Twitter that she is temporarily stepping down as the head of the IMF during the nomination process.
The IMF discloses that Lagarde will receive an annual salary of $467,940 after taxes and an annual allowance of $83,760 for living expenses.

Independent May 2012: Annual salary $467940 plus allowance of $83760 = a total of $551700 - the IMF chief does not have to pay any tax on this income


Update: 2019-11